HashPuzzle Proxy Features

Live Graphs and Statistics

The HashPuzzle Proxy web interface provides you with a complete overview of your mining operations. You can view live performance stats, including Hashrate graphs, Estimated Profitability, Connection Status, Uptime, Works and more.

Customizable Notifications and Text alerts

There are more than a dozen notification option that can optionally be combined with a HTTP POST command and/or SMS messages (SMS requires Twilio account). You can configure multiple notification commands in sequence and also set a delay (in seconds) between commands.

Easy Switching between Pools

Your miners are connected directly to HashPuzzle Proxy and you can easily add pools, disable pools or switch between pools without having to change the pool configuration on your workers.

Runs on your Local Machine

HashPuzzle Proxy is a standalone application that runs on your local Windows machine. It comes with a built-in web server and does not require any additional components. You can monitor and manage your mining rigs without involving any 3rd party service.

Notification Logs

All your configured notifications are logged and automatically color coded based on importance.

Integrated Profit Calculator

A built-in profit calculator enables you to estimate profits over extended period based on your power consumption and hash rate. You can even get estimates for a specific miner based on its current hash rate.

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